Polish Chicks

Mixed Chicks

Silky Chicks

Mixed chicks from good egg layers, barred rock, copper maran, sussex, leghorn. From day olds to two weeks old. $6.00 each.

Polish chicks. Cream colored or gold laced. Day old to 2 weeks old $20.00 each.

Silky chicks. We have white, black, partridge, cuckoo ones, day olds to 2 weeks old. $10.00 each.

Columbia Rock Chick

Light Sussex Chicks

Easter Eggers

Good dual purpose chickens. Lay light brown eggs. Tame, beautiful birds. Chicks $6.00 each.

Columbia rock chicks. Tame and graceful birds. Great egg layers 1 week to 3 weeks old, $6.00 each.

Comes with different colors. Lay green, pink, blue eggs, 1-5 weeks old, starting from $6.00 each.

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