​​About FCQ Farm

    Years ago, we started our quail business with just a handful of quail eggs. We were fascinated by these little creatures, they are cute, friendly, fast growing, they lay small, patterned eggs everyday. They provide people with eggs and meat, but they are also good pets, easily to tame. Through years of dedicated hatching and breeding, we now have thousands of quails form more than ten breeds and still expanding. We hatch hundreds of quail chicks every week.
   From time to time, we have other birds, chickens, ducks, pheasants, partridge, turkeys, guinea hens, or even bunnies, but they are seasonal or only one-time stock. Quails are our eternal products. Others come and go, only quails remain. We supply quail hatching and eating eggs, quail meat, quail chicks and adults. We also sell quail raising kits, such as quail cages, incubators, brooders, quail egg turners, quail egg blisters, pluckers, quail egg cutting scissors, and quail feeds. We have customers all over Canada. 
    Weather you are a restaurant or supermarket that are looking for fresh quail eggs or quail meat, or a quail breeder that needs hatching eggs or quail chicks, or just a quail lover that want to keep a few backyard quails or pet quails, you can always come to us. We'd be glad to supply you with anything you want or help you with our knowledge and experience. We are now located at Fenelon Falls, Ontario, 140 km north east to Toronto. Please contact us if you are interested or if you have any suggestions for us. Or view our products to see if there is anything we can provide you.
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