Currently, our main products are quail hatching and eating eggs, adult male quails, ready to lay female quails, quail chicks and quail raising kit, including incubators, cages, pluckers.  The price and availability of the products may vary from time to time. Please contact us for the latest information and the best way for delivery and payment. You can choose one of the following ways to get your products:

  • Come to pick them up at our farm in Renfrew, Ontario. Please contact us and make an appointment first. We have no minimum charge on picking up at the farm.
  • We have pickup spots at Toronto, Newmarket, Oshawa, Whitby, Bancroft and other places near Highway 7, 417, 401, 404, 400, ... every other Sunday for orders above $50.00.
  • We have pickup spots at Renfrew and Kanata every Friday afternoon.
  • We ship hatching eggs and incubators all over Canada by Canada Post or other Couriers.
Bob white quail
Quail eggs
Quails in cage

Quails as Pets

Quails as Food

Quail Raising Kits

We have more than 10 strains of quails, coturnix quails (Japanese, Italian, Tuxedo, Tibetan, English whites), button quails, New World quails such as California, Gambel's, Mountain quail, northern bobwhites, Tenesse reds, snowflakes, blue scale quils, Mexican speckled quails.​​ We sell hatching eggs, chicks and breeding paris.
Coturnix quails, especially Japanese quails, are well-known meat and egg producing birds. Quail eggs are more delicious and nutritious than chicken eggs. Quail meat are tasty juicy and contains less fat than chicken meat. Our Japanese females lay more than 300 eggs each year, our jumbo Japanese weighs more than 300 grams.
Quails are small quite birds that do not take much space. They can be kept all year round for fresh eggs and meat, or as pets. quails can be raised in cities where chickens are not allowed. We sell whole range of things that help you to hatch, raise, keep, breed and process quails and their eggs.