Fresh quail eggs

Quail Eating Eggs

Fresh quail eating eggs, available all year round. Packaged in 18-egg blisters. $3.00 each. We offer discount and delivery for large quantities. 
Fresh quail eggs

Peeled Quail Eggs

Fresh quail eggs, boild and then peeled. Ready to be used for hotpots, rice noodles, soups and other delicious dishes. We sell them by kilos.

Meat Quails

Jumbo Japanese quail
Quail meat is juicy, tasty, contains less fat than chicken meat. They've been regarded as delicacies in Chinese or Asian cuisine. They are good for barbecue also. Usually Japanese males are sold as meat birds. We have jumbo Japanese quails which weighs much more than normal Japanese quails. $2.50 each for normal Japanese males, ($2.00 for 50 or more); $4.00 for jumbos ($3.00 each for 50 or more).
Ready to lay Japanese quails

Ready to Lay Females

​​Female Japanese quails are good egg layers. They lay almost one egg each day, even through the whole winter if proper temparature and light are provided. Other breeds of coturnix are not far behind though. They start laying from 6-7 weeks old. 5 females can provide you 4 eggs each day, almost equal to 1 chicken egg. We sell female Japanese at $6.00 each.

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