quail egg scissor

48-Egg Incubator

Quail Egg Scissor

Chicken Plucker

Brand new 48-egg incubator, auto turner, digital display, caliberated and offered with 1 year warranty. The incubator is sold at $195.00 (with chicken egg turner only). Or you can choose to buy 1 incubator + quail egg turner + 144 quail eggs at $260.00.
Quail eggs are much more difficult to crack than chicken eggs. But with this scissor you can do it easily. Just hold it in your hand and cut the large end off with one stroke. It can be used for pigeon eggs also, or even a cigar. $10.00 each, $15.00 for 2.
Pluckers make poultry processing so easy. Just put the scalded birds inside the tub, and the plucking will be finished in seconds. We sell 4 sizes of poultry pluckers, from processing 4 quails to 20 chickens at the same time. They can also pluck turkeys, ducks or other poultries.
Quail egg blister

Quail Egg Blister

Quail Cages

Clear, high quality quail egg blisters. With 18 sockets, auto close. Great for storaging or transporting eggs. $0.60 for each. $0.50 each for orders of 20 or more. $0.45 each for orders of 50 or more.
These hand-made cages are especially for quails. They come with waterers and feeders, some with trays to hold the poo. Hang on the wall, the eggs will roll out immediately as soon as they are laid. They come in different sizes, from keeping 4 quails to up to 24 quails. They are classified as layer cages (without partition), or breeder cages (with partition).

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