Japanese quail chick
White coturnix quail
button quail - blue with red crest

Coturnix Quail Chicks

Coturnix Quails

Button Quails

Straight run chicks.
Day olds - 1 week old    $1.00
1 week - 2 weeks old     $2.00
2 weeks - 3 weeks old   $3.00
Minimum order for delivery of chicks is $50.00.

They are the smallest quails, but comes with a variety of colors, blue, white, silver, cinnamon, brown, golden, dotted. We sell them $15.00 a pair.
Golden (Italian)  $12.00 a pair
Unsexed English white, tuxedo or tibetan, $8.00 each. Japanese quails $6.00 for female and $3.00 for males. Jumbo Japanese quails, $10.00 for a female, $5.00 for a male.

California quail - male
Bobwhite quail
California and button quail hatching eggs

California & Gambels


Hatching Eggs

They are the beautiful show birds that are living in North America. We have hatching eggs and chicks in the spring.

Bobwhites are game birds that live in North or South Americ. They come of many different phases, northern bobwhites, Tennessee reds, Mexican speckled, snowflakes. We have hatching eggs and chicks for sale in winter and spring.

Coturnix  .................. $5.00/dozen
Button quail .......... $10.00/dozen
Northern bobwhites .. $15.00/dozen
Tennessee reds ..... $20.00/dozen
Snowflakes ....... $40.00/dozen
California ....... $40.00/dozen
Blue Scale ...... $40.00/dozen
Coturnix eggs are available all year round 

Delivery of the Products